HXVIEW SD200-4G Solar 4G gun ball linkage smart camera,HD double shot double frame,intelligent,quick wake up,PIR human body sensing +Ai humanoid detection alarm,Two-ways Audio,APP,solar batteried

Bulwark Technology

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【Immersive HD Double Shot Double Frame】: Elevate your surveillance experience with our product's HD double shot double frame technology. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals and intricate details, ensuring that every frame captures the essence of your space in high definition.

【Ultra-Low Power Standby with Quick Wake-Up】: Experience unparalleled efficiency with an ultra-low power standby of just 0.2 seconds. Our quick wake-up video capture guarantees swift responsiveness, ensuring that you capture critical moments without delay for proactive monitoring.

【PIR Human Body Sensing + AI Humanoid Detection Alarm】: Enhance your security with PIR human body sensing and AI humanoid detection alarm. This dynamic combination minimizes false alarms by accurately distinguishing between human and non-human movements, providing precise alerts for heightened security.

【High-Performance ISP + 1/2.7" Black Light Image Sensor】: Benefit from advanced image technology with our high-performance ISP and 1/2.7" black light image sensor. Enjoy superior image quality, even in low-light conditions, ensuring that your surveillance remains reliable and detailed at all times.

【Two-Way Audio and Flexible Storage Options】: Foster a connection with your space through our two-way audio feature. Additionally, our product supports both cloud and local storage, providing you with flexible options to store your data securely based on your preferences.


Resolution 4MP
APP operate system  Android, Apple IOS
Detection mode PIR Human sensing +AI human detection
Detection range 0-12M
Detection angle 110°+ 110°
Alarm mode Real time mobile phone calling or push message
PTZ angle 355 ° Horizontal and 100° vertical
Rotational speed Horizontal 55°/ s Vertical 40°/ s
night vision  Illuminance is 0.00LUX
infrared light Infrared LED distance 30M
White light White LED distance 30M
Video mode Alarm video/timing video/all-day video
Cloud storage Cloud storage (alarm event video) 
Local storage TF card (Max 128G)
Power supply mode Solar panel + battery
Battery 3pcs 21700 battery 
working temperature -30°~+60°
Working humidity 0%~90%RH