MAXHUB X3 Standard Series smart wireless conference flat panel intelligent whiteboard with Multi-screen interaction

Bulwark Technology

Model: MAXHUB X3 ultimate


Price Description

Size Price Range
55'' $1212----$1350
65'' $2273----$2422
75'' $3788----$3937
86'' $7575----$7825 


*13mm ultra narrow frame was measured with 55" MAXHUB X3 Standard.

*8m voice picking-up: Under a normal speaking conditions, the voice of surrounding is 40-50db, according to the experiment data form MAXHUB Lab.

*It supports PC terminal with Windows XP, macOS 10.7 or updated versions, and smartphone or tablet with Android 4.0,iOS 7.0 or updated versions.

*0.04s response time: Data were collected based on the MAXHUB Lab environment without other interference and tested with a felt stylus pen and the Whiteboard application on MAXHUB conference flat panel, in Android/PC Channel and with 3840*2160 screen resolution machine. *MAXHUB X3 Standard series support 1mm writing accuracy.

*Graphic Intelligent Recognition: It works with Windows system (PC module), and only supports rectangle, diamond, pointed line, triangle, polygon, and circle.

*Table insertion: It works with Windows system (PC module). You can freely add and reduce row and column if it is needed.

*Multi-terminals connection: PC terminal support windows 7, macOS 10.10 or other updated versions. Mobile devices need to have Android 5.0, iOS9.0 or later versions operating system. PC works with MAXHUB Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle. Please pair it with Conference Flat Panel first; Wireless screen sharing can be achieved on PC, smartphone and tablets with MAXHUB Mirroring Assistant application.

*4-split screen Mirroring:MAXHUB Flat Panels support up to 4 devices mirroring and displaying on the screen at the same time after the hotspot connection between smartphones/PCs/tablets and MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel.

*0.09s wireless mirroring: data were collected based on the MAXHUB Lab environment and tested with a 11" 1366*768 screen resolution 10.11 system MacBook Air connected with a 55" MAXHUB X3 Standard Conference Flat Panel.

*Mirroring with mobile device: it supports devices with Android 5.0 and later versions.

*The UI varies on different products, please refer to the products on sale.