Hongray PVC nitrile synthetic gloves (blue)(100 gloves)


10K        PCS      0.06$
100K      PCS      0.058$
1000K    PCS      0.056$
5000K    PCS      0.054$
10000K  PCS      0.052$


PVC nitrile synthetic gloves are a new generation of synthetic gloves developed on the basis of the existing PVC production process. PVC nitrile mixed gloves are made of PVC raw materials and nitrile raw materials, so they have the advantages of PVC and nitrile gloves at the same time.

  1. This product has passed the EU CE certification
  2. Compared with conventional PVC gloves, PVC nitrile synthetic gloves can provide more durable, anti-aging ability, feel more soft and comfortable;
  3. Compared with nitrile gloves, this product has stronger anti-sweat penetration ability, more flexible to wear, and at the same time has a price advantage.
  4. Suitable for many aspects such as medical examination, dentistry, first aid, nursing, gardening, cleaning, etc. Non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.
  5. This product is disposable gloves.


  • According to customer needs


  • No powder green, no powder light green, no powder blue


  • XS No  S No  M No  L No  XL No