RAPID, NO-CONTACT FEVER SCREENING with Facial Detection & Recognition

Bulwark Technology

Automatic temperature checking. Remote monitoring. Increased security.

Until a vaccine for COVID-19 is developed and widely available, businesses need to take measures to keep their employees, customers, and other visitors safe from coronavirus transmission.

Detecting and flagging people with elevated temperatures as they enter your facility, store, or establishment is perhaps the fastest, easiest, and least invasive way to minimize the risk of infection spread.

But it needs to be done in a way that truly keeps people safe, and for us that means automatic temperature scanning with remote monitoring, so that neither employees nor customers are at risk of virus exposure during the temperature check process.


Our Rapid No-Contact Temperature Screening System immediately and automatically detects anyone entering your property who may have a fever and flags them so you can take follow-up measures. When properly installed at entrances or checkpoints, they are able to scan 100% of people entering the area, and do it non-invasively and without bottlenecks. This is something that manual temperature-takers struggle with. Our system lets your employees get back to their regular jobs while quietly screening your facility's entrances 24/7.

Capable of measuring a 12-foot-wide area at a distance of up to 23 feet, and with speeds of up to 30 faces per minute possible with either camera, you'll be adding safety measures without slowing foot traffic no matter which you choose.

Plus, the presence of a screening system—one that maintains the highest levels of social distancing safety—will provide immediate reassurance to customers and employees that you are concerned about their well-being.

This system was first developed during the SARS outbreak for elevated-temperature screening. Thousands have been deployed in North America. It has been thoroughly field-tested, and this current version brings you the latest in telethermographic technology.


  • Constant, automatic, long distance measurement of moving foot traffic
  • Monitoring takes place remotely to protect your monitoring employee
  • Up to 10 faces can be measured simultaneously
  • Receive an immediate alert on the system & the mobile app when an elevated temperature is detected
  • Facial image capture is provided with the alert for ease of identification
  • Accurate within 0.54˚F
  • Does not require visitors to remove their face masks
  • Face detection eliminates false alerts from hot drinks
  • Camera connects over LAN for remote monitoring
  • Mobile app provides viewing, configuration, and live alerts
  • Recorded data can be stored for review
  • AI network video recorder provides statistical reporting and export
  • Compatible with key video management systems (VMS) providers for easy integration into existing video security/surveillance systems


Our no-contact system reduces the amount of employee time required for temperature screening, increases personnel and customer safety, and keeps foot traffic moving at a natural rate.

This system provides affordable, effective preliminary screening for factories and manufacturing plants, schools, commercial office buildings, municipal buildings, stores, churches, warehouses, hotel lobbies, healthcare facilities, transit centers, shopping malls, and all other properties with periods of high or frequent foot traffic.

Additionally, this system is compatible with video surveillance and security solutions from Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Axxon, ISS, Exacq and other VMS providers, allowing it to be integrated into your current and future complete security footprint.

With the provided training, this system can be up and running in under 2 hours, or we can connect you with a local service provider who can set it up for you.








The Rapid No-Contact Temperature Screening System comes standard with one thermal network camera with high-sensitivity thermal and visual lenses and built-in audio and visual alert functions, one blackbody calibration box, one 16-channel AI network video recorder with 4TB HDD and up to 4K realtime live video recording with full support for AI analytics for facial recognition and human body and vehicle detection, and the iPhone and Android compatible mobile app.

Complete system with 400x300 resolution camera on sale now for $3,800