VP8650C-12 Video Conference Control System Overseas

Bulwark Technology

Model: VC6M1MCOS

The ViewPoint 8650C is a new-generation enterprise-level media switching platform that supports full high-definition (HD) video and hi-fidelity audio. Featuring HD video and broadband audio, the ViewPoint 8650C is the very suitable for constructing small and medium videoconferencing network.

Product Features

Robust Architecture Design

The ViewPoint 8650C adopts a cutting-edge hardware platform and is imbedded with extra powerful built-in media processing capability. Its built-in real-time operating system effectively protects the videoconferencing system from virus and malicious attacks, thus, ensuring the round-the-clock (7 x 24 hours) and stable operation of the videoconferencing.

Crystal Clear Videoconferencing Experience

By supporting videoconferencing equipment of all the mainstream vendors, the ViewPoint 8650C protects your investment expenditure. It supports video protocols such as H.264 and H.263, and video formats such as 720p, 4CIF, CIF, and QCIF, which provides you a true-to-life vision. The broadband audio (AAC-LD) delivers crystal clear audio and theatre-like experience.

Flexible Network Access and Networking Solutions, Customizable HD Video Conferences

Line access: IP, with an access rate of 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps.

Network capability: It is compliant with the ITU-T standards and protocols and supports up to 5-level multi channel cascaded networking.

Traversal between public and private networks: ViewPoint 8650C can traverse between the public and the private networks by adopting the patented SNP technology

Extraordinary Network Adaptability and Security Mechanism

With super error concealment (SEC) technology, the video is clear and smooth even if the network packet loss is up to 5%.

The intelligent rate control (IRC) technology detects network bandwidth in real time, and then auto adjusts the stream bandwidth dynamically to guarantee the conference effect.

The H.235 encryption mechanism fully guarantees the users’ validity and a secure conference.

Rich and Easy-to-Use Services

SiteCall: You can hold multi-point conferences and control a conference through videoconferencing endpoints.

Conference control: All the operations can be performed on the endpoint side without involvement of the administrator on the MCU side.

Intelligent multicast: You can view live conference through PC software.

CP browsing: The auto polling function of site videos enables you to view different sites.

Site surveillance: Administrators can monitor and preview any site in real time to monitor the conference quality, alarm history by Huawei Nlog system.