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1. How to first add WIFI IP Camera by Camhipro APP (Connect Network cable)?

2.How to Connect WiFi IP Camera by Hot-Spot Camhipro APP (No Network Cable)?

3. How to add cameras using HiP2P client?

4. Three steps checking camera make online, Power Supply/LAN Network/WIFI

5. WIFI IP Camera How to reset password when forget password?

6. How to recorde/download video files by sd card?

7. How to efficiently record to SD card or mobile phone?

8. How to set up email?

9. How to turn off/on the red and blue lights?

10. How to turn on/off human tracking?

11. How to turn on/off auto cruise?

12. How to sync with phone time and setting time zone?

13. How to share camera for family?

PoE Security Camera System FAQ

1. What to do if the video backup cannot be played

2. How to install and format a hard drive

3. How to reset the password of the NVR system

6. How to record video

7. I cannot get any display on the TV from the NVR system