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Bulwark Auto Tracking Conference Camera 

What Auto Tracking Conference Camera?

Auto tracking conference camera products feature built-in high-speed processor and advanced image processing and analytical algorithm,

which allows it to track and detect teachers, students and blackboard-writing accurately and quickly. It fully satisfies all scenario demand

by recorded broadcasting of teaching and remote interactive teaching.


Application Industry: 

Conference lecture, Government meetings, medical institutions' live surgery, remote consultations, expert lectures;

Education, universities, K12 education classes, teaching interaction, parent-child education parental supervision;

Conference Meetings, training for small and medium-sized enterprises, seamless integration with conference systems for large enterprises;

Broadcast television, live video, streaming live broadcast, live concert, live games, place of worship, wedding live broadcast;



Auto Tracking Camera Advantages

Automatically track a speaker without a camera operator.

Built-In Auto Tracking: Uses image recognition and motion detection to find and track the subject. Tracking is in the camera itself and works right out of the box; no extra software is needed.

Picture adaptation: According to the distance of the tracking target, the tracking camera automatically zooms, and the video always maintains the appropriate size and proportion;

Auto Pan-Tilt-Zoom: Removes the need for a camera operator as it auto pan tilts and zooms as it tracks the subject.

No Extra Equipment: The person being tracked doesn't need to wear a lanyard or device of any type. They do not have to stand on a special mat and can walk freely about the room.


Smooth and Seamless Tracking

Tracks as well as a skilled camera operator.

Smart Tracking: Locks the moving person in the center of the image. Tracks even if the subject turns around or stands still. Camera is not impacted by small motions like hand gestures.

No Interference: No impact from moving objects, lights or projectors. Tracks even if someone else walks in front of the subject.

Stable motion: speed settings (0.1 ° to 100 ° per second) can fully optimize your recording to maximize the agility and accuracy of PTZ rotation motion control, stable, accurate and fast, Super Silent Motor ensure stable operation and no noise;

Smooth Operation: Camera is quiet as it pans, tilts and zooms with no jitters or shutters. Pan/tilt speed can be customized.


Two Cameras in One, 2 HD-SDI Outputs

Professional broadcast quality with outputs up to 1080p60.

PTZ Tracking Camera: Pan, tilts and zooms automatically to track the subject. Features a 1/2.8" Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, 2.14 Megapixel resolution, and 20x optical zoom.

Wide Angle Camera: Wide panoramic view of the room. Features 1/2.8" Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, 2.14 Megapixel resolution and 92° Field of View.

Both cameras are HD-SDI and can output up to 1080p60 simultaneously.


Easy Set Up and Customization

Camera tracks automatically with adjustable options.

Easy to Install Comes with a standard mounting hole and can be used with tripod, ceiling J mount or right angle wall mount.

Simple Setup: Connect to any PC on the same network running the included software to set up the priority and blocking zones using simple control software. Adjust zoom & pan speeds, white balance, iris, and brightness. It can also be used as a manual PTZ with a joystick controller.

Multiple network protocols: Support ONVIF, GB / T28181, RTSP, RTMP protocols, and support RTMP push mode easy connect with Zoom, Skype, Polycom, Facebook, Youtube;