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What are PTZ Cameras?

The acronym PTZ,P stands for Pan, T for tilt, and Z for zoom.This type of camera is often used outdoors to protect areas that simple static cameras cannot cover unless larger numbers are used. Using an external keyboard or the PC's mouse, a video management system controls these PTZ domes. On a smartphone, app-enabled cameras can also be angled, rotated, and zoomed. The majority of PTZ cameras available today have LED lighting and a 300-meter field of view. The Dome PTZ's point of the IR spotlight may illuminate precisely where it is visible without the need for an additional LED spotlight. The limitation of this technique is that it cannot simultaneously observe all directions. However, there are other exciting alternatives that combine rotatable devices with static cameras.

Features and Advantages of PTZ Cameras:

Optical Zoom: Most PTZ cameras support optical zoom, which is used to view and capture faraway objects like license plates or faces. Optical zoom (20x, 30x, 40x) refers to the maximum focal length divided by the minimum focal length - the larger the number, the further the zoom. Identification typically requires 30x optical zoom (recognizing faces and details, reading license plates and tags). The high-quality lens, of course, is also reflected in the price, which has increased by 30 times. Here, you choose the corresponding zoom factor according to your actual needs.

Image Resolution: From 2MP to 8MP (4K), there's resolution you need. If you decide to use a PTZ dome camera with 30x magnification, 2MP is actually more than enough. Sure, an 8MP screen is more gorgeous and shows the smallest details, but it takes 4x the processing power to process, render and store the video data.

Large Field of View: PTZ cameras are used to monitor a large area, and often recommended to use in conjunction with a fixed camera to avoid gaps in coverage. Depending on the model, cameras can move anywhere between pan/tilt and the full 360 degree pan/180 degree tilt. Some solutions also have digital pan and tilt, which allows for video to be adjusted after recording - though the resulting video would be grainer and lower res.

Time-Based Auto Scan: PTZ cameras can be configured with auto-pilot to scan pre-defined areas and move in patterns (patrol). Preset positions can be programmed to change positions based on time. For example, a PTZ camera can be configured to pan, tilt, or zoom every 30 seconds to capture different areas of interest within the camera’s overall surveillance area.