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Meeting rooms in the business world function like command and control rooms in the battlefield and are critical to achieve business success. The next-generation Huawei telepresence system incorporates collaboration functionality into video conferencing and enables meeting spaces with artificial intelligence to make communication and collaboration more efficient and enjoyable. 

Huawei TE series brings state-of-the-art HD technology to HD video conferencing endpoints. This new series from Huawei delivers peak performance with dual 1080p 60fps video and AAC-LD audio, with a face-to-face communication experience so lifelike you will think you are in the same room. Multi-view images are easily transmitted to users simultaneously for a complete panoramic presentation. Numerous audio/video interface options and Wi-Fi connection integrate the conference room and simplify deployment, making the TE series the ideal choice for scenarios like administrative conferences and remote education video conferencing.

Huawei eSpace series IP phones are new-generation IP phones with superb performance. The innovative design delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use experience, enabling users to benefit from highly efficient communications.

What we can do?

Consulting Great systems start with great planning – As consultants to our commercial clients, Ebulwark provides comprehensive services for total systems integration. Including new facility, expanding current systems, upgrading a legacy solution,  engineer consulting a system that will meet your needs – quickly and costly.

Design Demand for video audio projects is exploding across all industries.  Our engineering department will work with you to ensure that your productions speak fluently across networks, between offices, and even around the globe. Good design is the foundation for 100% functionality.

Integration Our experienced team has a lifetime of skill at system engineering and creating user interfaces that are easy to use and highly automated. We’ve engineered systems for all the major industry sectors including media, education, sports, corporate, faith-based, and more. The development of wired and wireless streaming and IP technology requires integrations that cross borders between traditional broadcast tech and digital networking – we do it all.