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SDI/NDI CAMERAS NDI the industry's leading IP video production protocol developed Available in 12x, 20x, and 30x zoom

What is an NDI PTZ Camera?

NDI is a brand of the Vizrt Group and a royalty-free technology that allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs, and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.

PTZ Broadcast Cameras

All BOLLNG NDI Cameras support Power, Video/Audio and Control, over a single Ethernet cable, simplifying the installation and setup of live streaming systems. These PTZ cameras feature broadcast frame rates and NDI video output favored by video production professionals.

All our PTZ cameras feature SDI, HDMI, NDI, multiple standard IP streaming formats. They’re also equipped with the latest professional camera control technologies, making remote operation easy.

Once connected to an IP network, broadcasters may choose from professional 3G SDI, Ethernet connected NDI, and traditional HDMI workflows simultaneously. Optical zoom lenses of up to 12X, 20X, 30X enable remote video productions that can capture a head and shoulders shot from up to 70 feet (21 meters) away.

Enhance Your Production with NDI® 

Easily add camera angles to your video production with our flexible SDI, PoE and NDI enabled Cams. (Note: Do not power the camera via PoE & the power supply simultaneously.)

BOLLNG cameras offer IP connectivity similar to most PTZ camera models without the ability to pan or tilt. Note: The latest EPTZ ZCam cameras do feature digital pan and tilt functionalities with the included 4K video sensor. Learn more about our EPTZ cameras here.

Versatile Control Options

Remote camera control options when and where you want them. Use PTZ controls built-in to your favorite video production software such as OBS, Livestream Studio, Wirecast, vMix, mimoLive or Tricaster. Or check out one of our hardware joystick controllers such as our IP joystick, serial joystick, or the SuperJoy. Try our free IP control application for Mac or PC, our open-source control software on GitHub, and our OBS plugin here.  Mobile device control options are available here.