Getting start with 4G LTE cellular camera

If you have ordered the HXVIEW/BOLLNG 4G or if you are interested in this camera model, and want to get some basic information about this product before putting it in use or placing the order, you may refer to the below introduction. This article includes the following 4 parts which will help you quickly understand the use and working principles of the camera:



Unboxing Video of HXVIEW/BOLLNG 4G

If you just receive your new camera and are not familiar with the camera, you can have a look at the below video about the unboxing, setup and installation of the camera.




Product Overview

You may find detailed information about the structure and components of the camera here.





4.PIR Sensor

5.Spolight and PIR LED

6.Mounting Bracker

7.Status Light

8.Daylight Sensor



1.SIM Card Slot

2.SD Card Slot

3.Reset Button


Installation of HXVIEW/BOLLNG 4G

Install the camera 2-3 meters (7-10 ft) above the ground. This height maximizes the detection range of the PIR motion sensor.
• For better motion detection performance, please install the camera angularly.
NOTE: If a moving object approaches the PIR sensor vertically, the camera may fail to detect motion.

Mounting Bracket Installation:
Begin by attaching the mounting bracket to a wooden post or wall using screws. Ensure that the bracket is securely fixed in place.

Positioning the Bracket:
Choose a strategic location for the security camera by positioning the bracket at the desired angle and height. Make sure the area you want to monitor is within the camera's field of view.

Securing the Bracket:
Tighten the screws on the bracket to secure it firmly to the wooden post or wall. Check the stability of the bracket to ensure it can support the weight of the camera.

Attaching the Camera:
Once the bracket is securely installed, attach the security camera to the bracket.

Adjusting Camera Position:
Adjust the camera's position and angle to achieve the desired surveillance coverage. This may involve tilting, panning, or rotating the camera to optimize its view.

Installation Tips

  • Do not install the camera facing any objects with bright lights, including sunshine, bright lamp lights, etc.
  • Do not place the camera too close to a place where many vehicles move frequently; 15 meters (55ft) away from the vehicle is the recommended distance based on our numerous tests.
  • Stay away from the outlets, including the air conditioner vents, humidifier outlets, the heat transfer vent of projectors, etc.
  • Do not install the camera facing the mirror.
  • Keep the camera at least 1 meter away from any wireless devices, including Wi-Fi routers and phones in order to avoid wireless interference.


Initial Setup

To set up the camera, you need to insert a sim card into the camera and switch it on. After that, a blue LED will flash for a few seconds and then go solid before going out. You will hear a voice prompt “Network connection succeeded”, you may finish the initial setup via CamHiPro App. 

Step 1. Launch the CamHiPro App and click the plus button.

Step 2. Scan the camera's QR code above the camera.

Step 3. Create the login password and click Next to continue.

Step 4. Name the camera, then click the button Next to enter the next page.

Step 5. Read the tips and click Use now to finish the Initialization. And you can view the camera now.

For more detailed instructions, you may refer to the articles below: How to Do Initial Setup for HXVIEW/BOLLNG 4G cameras via CamHiPro App