PIR Sensor is Triggered Too Late

PIR Sensor is Triggered Too Late

DingDavidDecember 09, 2023

Cause1:  The camera's placement was either too elevated or its installation angle was inappropriate.
Solution1: Mount the camera at an elevation of 2-3 meters from the ground.

Cause2: The PIR sensitivity was insufficient.
Solution2: set up the PIR sensitivity to a higher level.

Cause3: Glass or other obstructions exist between the camera and potential intruders.
Solution3: If possible, relocate the camera to a different mounting spot or eliminate any obstructions.

Cause4: The PIR sensor is blocked by something, such as the original plastic film.
Solution4: Tear off the plastic film and make sure there is nothing blocking the PIR sensor.

Notes: Should the issue persist following the aforementioned three steps, kindly dismount the camera and conduct a test at a shorter detection distance. Alternatively, you may send the preview picture to our support team for a more in-depth analysis of the installation.

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