Why does the camera consume battery quickly?

Why does the camera consume battery quickly?

DingDavidDecember 09, 2023

Battery life expectancy is determined through testing conducted in controlled laboratory settings. However, the actual lifespan of batteries may fluctuate based on factors such as configurations, battery models, and various other considerations. Numerous potential causes should be acknowledged when utilizing HXVIEW/BOLLNG battery-powered cameras.

Cause 1PIR alarms frequently

If you frequently hear the audio warning or find a lot of motion recordings in Playback, it indicates that the alarms are triggered too frequently.

Solutions: a. Reduce false alarm by choosing a suitable sensitivity for your PIR sensor or by mounting your battery-powered camera (or the PIR sensor) in places without frequent vehicles or passengers.

Note: The default sensitivity of HXVIEW/BOLLNG battery-powered cameras is High

Cause 2.Log-in and live-view camera Frequently

Frequent login connections to the camera and continuous live streaming can lead to a reduction in battery life.

Solution: Avoiding logging in the camera too frequently. Only access the camera when necessary.


Cause 3.Extended or frequent viewing of high-definition live streams.

Prolonged or frequent viewing of camera live streams can increase the activity of multiple components in the device, thereby accelerating battery consumption.

Solution:Whenever possible, opt for standard definition when viewing real-time recordings and ensure the camera operates for short durations when not necessary.

Cause 4. PIR LEDs frequently turned on

Passive Infrared (PIR) LED lights are a lighting system based on infrared sensing technology. They can detect human motion by sensing the infrared radiation in the surrounding environment, automatically illuminating the LED lights when needed. However, frequent activation of PIR LED lights may result in increased power consumption.

Solution: 1.Adjust Sensitivity: Lower the sensitivity of the PIR sensor to more accurately respond to genuine motion rather than triggering false alarms.

2.Set Delay: Establish a delay for turning on the LED lights, ensuring that the lights are triggered only when there is continuous motion activity within a specified timeframe. This helps reduce unnecessary frequent activations.


Cause 5. Weak WiFi/4G LTE connection

Poor WiFi /4G LTE connection will make the cameras to consume more power in  keeping connection and  transmitting data which will drain the battery quickly.

Solution:  Please installing the cameras near the router to ensure that there is a stable and strong WiFi/4G LTE connection between the router and the cameras.

Cause 6. Improper working environment

Extreme environments can impact the chemical reactions and thermal dissipation of batteries, leading to a shortened battery lifespan.

Solution: Please install the camera under a proper environment to extend their battery life.

If you are interested in learning more about the details and a more in-depth overview of the power consumption process of security cameras, please read this article: Guide to Optimizing Battery Life in Security Cameras

If your problem persists or the batteries life is way shorter than expected, you may contact our support team for additional help by submitting a request.

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