Troubleshooting for 4G

Why battery doesn't last as expected?


Battery life expectancy is determined through testing conducted in controlled laboratory settings. However, the actual lifespan of batteries may fluctuate based on factors such as configurations, battery models, and various other considerations. Numerous potential causes should be acknowledged when utilizing HXVIEW/BOLLNG battery-powered cameras.
Cause 1. PIR alarms frequently.
Cause 2. log-in and live-view frequently
Cause 3.Extended or frequent viewing of high-definition live streams.

Cause 4. Weak 4G/WiFi connection

For more information, please check Why Battery Doesn't Last as Expected.

PIR sensor is triggered too late.


When people or objects appear in the detecting area, PIR could not be triggered immediately, please follow this guide to troubleshoot the issue.
Cause 1. The camera's placement was either too elevated or its installation angle was inappropriate.
Cause 2. The PIR sensitivity was insufficient.
Cause 3.Glass or other obstructions exist between the camera and potential intruders.

To obtain additional details, please refer to PIR Sensor is Triggered Too Late.

Why data is consumed fast?


If you find that your camera has consumed much data during normal use, here are some possible causes for your reference:
Cause 1.Recording videos at high resolutions and frame rates requires more data transfer, consuming a significant amount of bandwidth.
Cause 2. If the camera is configured to continuously record and upload videos in real-time, it leads to a substantial amount of data transfer, especially in areas with constant activity.
Cause 3. A poor network connection will consume more data than a normal connection since it will send more connection packages to the server.

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