HUAWEI UGW9500-15 unit

Bulwark Technology

Model: VC9M2MDAC

Support 6/15/30/45 ports
1080p 30fps HD interoperability
Support H.323/SIP, TIP, and other vendors'H.323 standard-based endpoints
All-in-one design, embedded gatekeeper

Product Features

HD Interoperability

Complies with the ITU-T's H.323 protocol and the IETF's Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), supports audiovisual encoding standards of the ITU-T, ISO and IEC, and enables 1080p30 HD communication with TIP-based telepresence systems, providing users with excellent videoconferencing experience.

Comprehensive Compatibility

Supports TIP.

Allows Huawei's three-screen/single-screen telepresence systems and HD/SD/desktop video endpoints to join conferences initiated by TIP-based telepresence systems and place/receive point-to-point calls to/from TIP-based telepresence sites.

Easy to Deploy, Protecting Customers' Investments

Box-shaped, all in one designed with embedded gatekeeper for independent networking. Provides an easy-to-operate embedded web server.

Requires no reconstruction of existing networks for capacity expansion, protecting customers' investments.

Advanced Architecture Design

Based on a cutting-edge full-mesh hardware platform, provides powerful media processing capabilities. Runs an embedded real-time operating system, effectively preventing virus and hacker attacks and ensuring 24/7 stable operation.