Magewell USB One Channel Capture SDI 4K Plus Device

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USB Capture Utility V3
Utility V3 is a free software for USB Capture and USB Capture Plus devices. Users can easily check and set the capture-related parameters, upgrade the firmware by themselves and export info needed for technical support with the help of the Utility.

• Capture SD/HD/3G/2K/6G SDI + embedded audio
• Loop-through SD/HD/3G/2K/6G SDI
• Audio input via Line in
• Extract SDI embedded audio and output via Line out
• Capture 6G-SDI
• Compatible with Windows
• Compatible with Linux
• Compatible with Mac OS X
• Plug and Play
• Support UVC Protocol
• Up/down Scaling
• Deinterlacing
• Image Control
• Various Output Color Spaces
• Firmware Upgrade
• Compatibility with Software
• Continuously Work for 24h x7
• Multiple Devices on One Host
• 3-year Warranty

Capture Format Setting
Set the capture resolution, frame rate and color space. If the capture format is different with the input format, the FPGA in the capture device will automatically do up/down scaling, causing 0 CPU usage. This function is especially useful when scaling by software causes much CPU burden.

Audio Volume Control
The Utility V3 can control the volume of the audio input (recording) and output (playback) of the USB capture (Plus) devices. The functions differ with models. If the system volume is changed, the parameter on the Utility V3 will also change accordingly. Users can click on the icon to quickly mute/unmute a playback/recording device.

Mirror and Flip
This function can reverse the captured image horizontally or vertically, making sure the viewer see the image in the right direction. Eg. When users use Facetime, they can easily mirror the image with the Utility V3.

EDID Editing and Importing
Users can edit and load the EDID of the capture device to support a specific input format, which is not supported by default. Eg. USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus will be able to input at 2560x1440p144 with this function.

Firmware Update
When Internet access is available, Utility V3 automatically checks the firmware version of the capture device and the latest version on the Magewell server. When a higher version is available, Utility V3 will remind users of the update. Users can check the release notes and decide whether they need to update the firmware or not depending on their needs.

Export Diagnose Report
When asking for technical support, users don't need to manually gather device information. Just one click and the Utility V3 will export most of the technical information required by the Magewell support team.

Other Functions
Utility V3 also provide functions such as cropping, deinterlacing, device name setting, aspect ratio conversion, timing adjustment, status image setting, etc.