Walk Through Infrared Sensor Security Door Walkthrough Temperature Detector Gate

Bulwark Technology

Model: BW-TGT06


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In these special days, the temperature test door controller is very popular all over the world. It can be set in Chinese or English. You can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can adjust the up, down, left and right viewing angles. You can set the alarm time and temperature. The sensing distance can be adjusted freely. It can also display the number of people and the number of alarms. You can click to restore the factory settings according to your needs. More functions are waiting for you.


Comment: small, light and suitable for international transportation, customers can directly purchase security doors locally to match our controller for installation, or directly install our controller on the wall.


*Quick and convenient
*Fever alarm
*Intelligent security non contact thermometer
Located: Shenzhen
We deliver worldwide 
Infrared thermal imaging security gate Temperature gate

Function: detect and identify the people who got fever and the temperature is higher than 37.3℃ to prevent the Novel Corona Virus spreading. 



 Easy Assembly

Allows for a quick and easy assembly, only 4 screws to mount it.

Pinpoint Detection Zones

There are 33 distinct pinpoint detection zones for full target coverage on the left, centre and right side of the body from head to toe

Traffic Lights

On the entrance of the archway, there traffic light to remind you the detector is ready for passenger.

Audible and visual alarms

There is audible alarm and visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected, the pinpoint lights on the exit gatepost will show the location of  any offending object.

Touchpad controls

The access control panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific, multi-level security codes. it allows authorized users to change settings.


No battery is required for memory retention. while the unit is in operation, a self-test is performed , any failures or problems will be immediately reported on the LCD display



Overall sizes (cm):224(height)x90(width)x58(depth) 

Size of alley (cm):224(height)x76(width)x58(depth)

Net Weight: 68kg

Shipping size(cm): 227x73x22  (side panel ) 80 x 59 x28cm (control box)

Shipping weight: 90kg


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