How To Install Hikvision IP Camera Security Camera System

David DingAugust 25, 2020

You have finally purchased a security camera system and it is time to install it. If you are a bit at a loss, we can meet your requirements. The installation of a security camera need not be a confusing process. In the past, the complexity of home security systems usually required professional installation and setup. As DIY home security grows, homeowners, tenants, and small business owners can easily add security systems. In some cases, you can even do this yourself for a very basic Hikvision IP Camera  surveillance system. But you need to keep some considerations in mind, we will provide some tips to help you. 


Some common questions about security camera installation:

  1. Position ofsecurity Hikvision IP Camera

Hikvision IP Camera surveillance Hikvision IP Camera need to be installed in the correct location to capture important trends in the home or business. If the camera is installed in the wrong area, it may become relatively useless.


Whether you place security cameras indoors or outdoors, the places where you should install them first should be the front and back doors, and then the first-floor windows that are most likely to fail. Later, you can place them on the four corners of the building to create an image of the entire perimeter.


Also make sure to pay attention to the field of view and avoid placing it in a location that will cause blind spots. In some cases, you may need multiple cameras to capture a specific area. The general rule of thumb is to install the security camera tilted downward for accurate motion detection. It is important to note that this is not always necessary, especially if you are using a wide-angle dome camera.


  1. Problems that need attention when installing surveillance cameras outdoors

Check if the camera is waterproof

If the security camera is installed outdoors, make sure it is waterproof, weatherproof, moisture-resistant, high temperature and severe cold.

Avoid backlight and lens flare

When there is a very bright light that causes the material to be lost, a backlight is produced, which results in the image being very pale, almost white.

The backlight can be produced by any bright light (such as the sun, security lights or street lights).

The reflection of the sun or other light can cause lens flare, which can cause circles or dots on the safety lens.

Make sure to face the security camera to direct sunlight, so as not to cause a bad security lens.

Install security Hikvision IP Camera  out of reach

Make sure to place the camera in a hard-to-reach location to prevent them from being tampered with or damaged by more determined thieves, but please be careful not to mount the camera too high, as this will prevent you from identifying the person caught by the camera.


Check the Wi-Fi connection strength

The farther the camera is from the router, the more difficult it is to obtain sufficient signals. Therefore, please check the signal strength of each camera position. If the signal is weak or dropped, you can install a Wi-Fi extender or try the following techniques to the Wi-Fi signal.

*Note: This only applies to Hikvision IP Camera  connected to Wi-Fi.


  1. Do you need a hard drive for a security camera?

Recording videos from security Hikvision IP Camera  requires hard disk or cloud-based storage. If you have an analog security camera system, the digital video recorder (DVR) connected to the security camera has a hard drive inside. If you are dealing with recording video storage on an security camera networking, a network hard disk video recorder (NVR) can use the hard disk for on-site recording and cloud-based recording when the hard disk fails.


  1. Which is better, DVR or NVR?

If you don't want to carry out an overall renovation, you can use existing coaxial cables and analog Hikvision IP Camera , then the best option is to use DVR. The problem with analog Hikvision IP Camera  is that they usually have a lower resolution than new IP Hikvision IP Camera . If you start from scratch, then the best option is to use NVR to install security Hikvision IP Camera . This will allow you to install higher resolution hikvision ip camera and access video sources remotely.


Watch this video to learn about the installation of Hikvision stand alone ip camera DS-2CD2785G0-IZS 8MP Outdoor infrared dome camera:

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